Elizabeth Bell

Elizabeth took the whole “experience counts for everything” idea and ran with it… 12 years in administration across different industries such as medical practices, a secondary college, a wholesale bakery and even a martial arts school has meant that she can hit the ground running at any workplace you put her in. Accounting was a natural step for Elizabeth to take considering it runs in the family – her dad was an accountant and now teaches it! What a combo.

Elizabeth loves knowing that she’s done a genuinely fabulous job at satisfying clients… we’ve all been on the other end of the phone when you’re trying to get help or have a simple question answered and it’s just not happening. She puts herself in the clients’ shoes and tries to understand where any person is coming from.

A true animal lover, Elizabeth and her husband Scott rescued a Rottweiler names Bobi last year, who lives with their three bunny rabbits too. Talented in more ways than one, Elizabeth loves to draw and writing op-ed pieces (in fact, one got published this year!).

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