CPA - Director

Gregory Bramich

Greg was one of those over-achieving kids who knew what he wanted to do from a young age. Numbers and problem solving were his forte in primary school and he continued on the same path until university where he studied accounting. In the first year of his degree, the head of the accounting faculty recommended him to a local firm for part-time work and his career started from there. Nine and a half years later, Greg felt it was time for a change and moved to a boutique firm in the city where he honed his skills.

Greg’s Mum and sister played huge roles in his upbringing and helped him get on the path he’s following today, coming full circle with his daughter Zoe and baby Leila who’s just arrived thanks to his beautiful wife, Kate. Don’t let the sleepy-dad-eyes fool you though, Greg’s as switched on as they come. A true details man who loves nothing more than sitting on a computer working his magic with clients’ numbers (weird, we know).

When Greg gets his head out of the numbers, he loves trying new restaurants with mates and fitting in a run where he can. His strength is his honesty. You can always count on that from Greg. The mixture of technology and being on top of all things tax, with giving back to the community and staying down to earth is what he feels is most important when it comes to business.

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