Cloud Accountant

Robyn Graham

Robyn found herself in the accounting industry after running her own business and realising one of the most enjoyable aspects of it was the numbers game. She still owns it – a market research company – but wanted to delve into bookkeeping further because one job just wasn’t challenging enough!

Robyn loves numbers, gets a kick out of reconciling, and helping people. She was drawn to the RBK Tribe because working with a great team to smash goals and have clients concentrating on what matters most to them (rather than stressing over business) brings her genuine fulfilment. 

Her 16 year old daughter Hayley, parent Dean and crazy but gorgeous dog Milly keep Robyn busy when she has a moment to spare. You’ll find her doing research into property investing, going to the beach or a spin class and spending time with her loved ones on the weekend.

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