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You are special

Not just to your mum, we think so too


Even though at RBK Advisory we are known for being a Melbourne based Accounting business, and our services include individual tax returns, company annual financials statements and Business Activity Statements, we pride ourselves on offering so much more than that.

Specialised advice tailored to each person and business is carefully considered by the team. We know that business is not a one size fits all approach and that everyone is different. Taking the time to understand what motivates and drives you means we are able to tailor advice and packages suited to you and your business. You might be driven by absolute passion, or the money that success brings, or perhaps the freedom which being your own boss can give you. We can help you reach your goals no matter what they are or why you have them. It’s all about you!

Some things we love and specialise in

  • Rental properties
  • Over the phone tax returns
  • Building and construction
  • Tradies (plumbers, concreters, carpenters, electricians and more)
  • Gyms and Health & Fitness
  • Financial planning and Wealth management
  • Web developers and designers
  • Contractors, consultants and freelancers
  • Professional services
  • Real estate agents and property
  • Mortgage broking and finance
  • Asset finance solutions

Who we help

  • You

    Whether you have a business, enjoy a 9-5 or you’re a part time parent, part time worker, having a long term relationship with an accountant who genuinely has your back is something every person needs.

  • Your gang

    Have you started a family? You might run a family business? We understand that dealing with the whole gang can take a special kind of knack. We’re all about mateship… we get to know you and your family and help you navigate potentially sticky situations, keeping everyone happy and getting your business the best result.

  • Your business

    Whether you’re a micro, small or bigger business, our skills and knowledge can help you out. We can start with the basics and build a platform for your business to grow upon, take you from a sole trader to a company or trust and start introducing higher level technical ‘stuff’ that you may or may not ever want to fully understand.

  • Your tool belt (Tradies)

    Tradies are a bit of a specialty for us. More often than not, you’re great on the tools and not so keen on the numbers. Leave the dull stuff to us, your Tradie Accountant, and free up some time to enjoy a beer or two (we can also help you out with that).

  • Your weights (Gyms, Health & Fitness)

    Are you in the health and fitness industry? Does more time kicking arse, burning fat and building muscle sound good? We love working with passionate people like you. Hit us up to take care of the numbers and we’ll leave the burpees to you.

  • Your profession

    Professional services aren’t what they used to be. There are industries popping up that didn’t exist ten years ago, and the traditional spheres have to keep up. We can help you stay ahead of the pack no matter what your business or your size.