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This one is self explanatory. Why should professional service business owners put themselves in our hands? Because that’s exactly what we are. Including lawyers, advertising professionals, architects, financial advisers, engineers, consultants, and more!



Accounting and eCommerce seem mutually exclusive but in our case, they work in harmony. Our online presence has played an enormous role in our growth and success – we are true advocates for digital. Whether you’re selling a product or service online, we have the experience and know-how to help you navigate business (and your website). 



You do the literal heavy lifting, we do the figurative. Stick to your power tools and we’ll use our own… Xero and all the apps that can integrate with it. This is an industry that has more cashflow issues than most and that also tends to stick to old school ways of thinking. Get ahead of the pack and integrate technology driven processes into your business. 



As an industry that focuses on improving the physical wellbeing of their customers, our advisory team will take care of your financial wellbeing. We’ve helped many businesses in the Health, Fitness and wellbeing industry such as Parkdale Wellbeing to assist with their taxation planning, keep on top of their bookkeeping and set up their paperless office systems.


We know that running a hospitality business is so much more than frothing milk and managing chefs. It’s a volatile industry that demands more grit than most and we love to work with genuinely driven business owners to bring some stability back to your business. 



Having worked closely with organisations within the not-for-profit industry, we understand the variety of challenges they face such as ensuring compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements and keeping up with various changes in regulations. By understanding your organisation’s values and goals, our team provides advice and support tailored to your needs.


Our team understands that businesses operating within Specialised Industries require a more personal touch as opposed to a stock standard approach – and this is one of the many reasons why RBK stands out. Whatever your unique industry challenges and goals may be, we will have your back.


Allow us to introduce ourselves.

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We took the idea of making a difference to our people, the wider community and the environment to the next level by becoming BCorp certified. Joining our team means you’re also joining a force for good. As one of only a few accounting firms to be BCorp certified in Australia, being part of the team says that you care about balancing purpose with profit, that you seek positive change in the world and that you genuinely care for those around you, and the planet that you live on.

  • We are formally committed to donate the equivalent of 5% or more of our time through pro-bono services
  • We are formally committed to utilising the products and services of local community organisations
  • We are formally committed to hiring employees from within our local economy, and we are philosophically opposed to outsourcing offshore!

We have a commitment to purchase core products (at least 50% of non-labour expenses) from independent suppliers, local to where the product will be used or where the company operates.


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