Our legal team are a modern progressive team of lawyers with a solutions-based approach to achieve the best outcome for clients.

Areas of Expertise

3 Legal

Dispute resolution and litigation

Whether you need assistance with a dispute in relation to financial services, fraud, debt recovery, insurance, or anything else of a commercial litigation nature, we will be able to assist you. We understand that the process can be incredibly stressful to go through. We take a stressful situation and handle the nitty gritty for you, alleviating some of that pressure and have a track record of getting positive outcomes.

Commercial and business law

From terms and conditions to ensuring client contracts are airtight, we’re on top of the A to Z of commercial law. Startups need the basics covered from commencement, whilst established businesses may need a hand with complicated matters such as shareholder agreements or complex commercial contracts.

Intellectual property

IP is often the most valuable part of a business. It’s a murky area of law, particularly in creative fields, that requires rock solid trademark, copyright protection, and licensing agreement advice. If someone ripped off your IP tomorrow, would you have a leg to stand on?
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