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Australia Profits

Australia Profits

Who they are:

“Australia Profits is passionate about promoting Australian owned goods and services to Australian consumers. At Australia Profits, we care about people. Supporting as many Australians as we can, we work together to ensure that we – all of us, as a people and a nation – can prosper.”

What they do:

Australia Profits certify 100% Australian owned businesses by providing a unique certification number & use of their certified trademarked logos to Australian owned businesses.

Their mission is to ‘build and strengthen Australia’s economy through encouraging local investment and championing Australian businesses.’

Why they’re different:

We are the only (exclusively 100% Australian owned business) certification in the market. Most people will be familiar with the Australian Made Logo. Australian Made is a certification where the manufacturing/processing of products is conducted in Australia. However, it does not require all of the raw materials to originate in Australia, and importantly, the ownership may in fact be wholly internationally owned. The point of difference is that when a customer is choosing a product amongst many options or competitors, and sees the Australia Profits logo, that customer can be comforted and proud to know that their purchase is going to Australian business owners.

Roadblocks they were facing:
  • They needed legal assistance & professional advice on the drafting of their client undertaking & terms and conditions forms.
  • They needed legal assistance & professional advice on certification & trademarking with ACCC & IP Australia.
  • They needed legal assistance & professional advice to lodge our trademarks in subsequent IP Australia Goods and Service classes.
The journey to solving:
  • RBK Legal provided assistance to draft and finalise client undertaking & terms and conditions forms.
  • RBK Legal provided assistance with the whole certification & trademark process including advice, draft & final lodgement.
  • RBK Legal provided assistance with each individual class of goods and service we required, including initial advice, draft and final lodgement.

“The roll out of the above roadmap by Matt was executed in a most professional standard that we were very happy with. We wanted to launch the business as soon as possible and Matt gave us the time and guidance required to achieve this result in a timely manner.”

“RBK Legal has been instrumental in allowing us to fast track our plans for Australia Profits during our launch in 2020. We needed professional guidance and advice and Matt really did go out of his way to ensure that everything was executed as per our detailed discussions. It was highly refreshing working with a lawyer that really did take the time to get to know us and our issues & to implement actions required in a timely and cost effective manner. We were extremely happy with Matt & the overall job he has done working on getting our business legally ready for launch & would certainly be more than happy to recommend him and the RBK Legal Team to any other businesses requiring assistance.”