CPA - Director

Jonathan Kane

Jonathan (or Jono) took the life-experience-looks-great-on-your-resume thing very seriously. He dabbled in a couple of different degrees, travelled the world, met a beautiful Argentinian woman, learnt Spanish and casually built a holiday house in the mountains of South America for their two babies to have the best of both cultures.

During and after such an adventurous few years, Jono was lucky enough to gain experience with numerous accounting firms who focussed on fostering his technical skills and introduced him to client advisory roles.

Aside from producing music and smashing any trivia you throw his way, getting amongst a client’s business, analysing it, and helping to build it, is what Jono does best. His social skills aren’t just put to good use at the local football club. Forming great relationships with his clients and learning about what makes them and their business tick is what Jono really gets a kick out of. He offers everyone an objective and honest viewpoint. Add his knack for numbers and you’ve just found your dream accountant and business advisor!

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