Director - RBK Legal

Matt Campbell

A bayside boy through and through, Matt spent his school years at Mentone Grammar, before entering his Business degree. It was here that he had his lightbulb moment, realising law was the career path he wanted to head down. After completing his first degree, Matt went into law whilst volunteering for Victorian Legal Aid. He graduated with a solid understanding of business, and genuine law experience on top of his degrees.

Matt was thrown in the deep end in his first role as a lawyer in a boutique bayside (of course) firm. He learnt the commercial and estate planning ropes quickly, moving on after a couple of years to another position where he honed his skills in commercial advice and dispute resolution. Matt’s propensity to foster and then keep great relationships is shown by the fact that he was then able to return to his initial workplace, this time with more responsibility and ownership.

His unique combination of business knowledge, legal experience and technical skills, and a down-to-earth personality and approach made the move to Director of RBK Legal a natural and logical one. Matt wants to pave the way for a new kind of law firm that doesn’t adhere to the usual stuffy, intimidating and elitist reputation. He loves being able to help start-ups get off the ground, or navigate people through what can be an incredibly stressful situation and make the process that bit easier (and the outcome a positive one).

Whilst Matt is an a-typical lawyer, he’s a very typical Melbournian outside of work. A sad Saints supporter, footy coach at East Malvern, keen cyclist and dog lover (ask for pics of Ned & Jerry). Matt is also a musician, growing up playing the guitar, drums and piano. Any more bases you’d like to cover, Matt?

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