Re-Leased: Game-changing Software

June 26th, 2019
Re-Leased: Game-changing Software

There’s nothing we enjoy more than working with clients who love the cloud as much as we do. Founder of Re-Leased, Tom Wallace, has harnessed the power of cloud tech to start a business that will continue to change the game for commercial property landlords and managers.

There was a gap in the market, and Tom knew he could fill it. With Xero coming out of NZ, and being a kiwi himself, Tom was privy to the transformation cloud tech had already made to the accounting world. Following in those footsteps to revolutionise property management made sense.

Tom now manages a team of 60+ globally and has clients all over the world.  Read about his success story below.

What is Re-Leased – tell us about the business?

We are a cloud-based property management software platform built for landlords and commercial property managers. Our goal is to help landlords and PMs take their portfolios to the next level by providing the framework for task automation and scalability.

This is how it works…

Property managers and self-managing landlords can log into the software from anywhere and on any device, meaning that all property management tasks can be done remotely, as well as in the office. That’s the true power of cloud-based software – it gives you a level of workplace freedom that server-based platforms fail to provide.

Essentially, the role of a property manager has been taken online to make all processes quicker and easier. Re-Leased integrates with other innovative software platforms such as Xero, too, which for landlords can use to manage the property accounting side of the business.

For landlords who opt to outsource their property management, they can also log in to the Re-Leased portal to access their key financial information and to do portfolio health checks.  .

If landlords want to take things into their own hands and manage their own properties, then it’s the perfect way to do so. Ideally, we love to work with tech savvy landlords who want to manage their own properties and Re-Leased has made that option more accessible than ever.

What lead to Re-Leased being founded and why?

Re-Leased was born out of frustration for a lack of commercially focused solutions in the market. Spreadsheets and server-based software solutions were built for the way portfolios were managed in the ’90s, and at Re-Leased we figured there’s a much better way to increase efficiencies across the board.

Xero revolutionised accounting, so why couldn’t we do that for property? That was very much our mindset for driving the growth of Re-Leased.

Property managers and landlords want to save time and money, so we created a solution to address those new-age requirements.

We are big advocates for cloud technology. What are its biggest perks for your business?

The cloud is taking the way businesses operate to another level. The ability to work remotely from any location, at any time, and on any device is making information mobility possible.

The cloud is unshackling professionals from their desk and this is something we’re helping to facilitate with our desktop software and mobile applications.

Purchasing commercial property is a big investment decision. What are your top tips to consider before taking the plunge?

We’ve written extensively about this topic, actually. Whether it’s making a start or building on a property portfolio, commercial real estate makes a great addition to any investor’s strategy.

For many landlords, it provides a high yielding investment with a concrete asset, without many of the downsides that come with residential real estate. We’ve put together a guide on this, which you can stick your teeth into here.

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