Forecasting & Budgets

If you base business decisions on historical data, why not also benefit from forecasting? Form a proactive strategy with help from RBK Advisory today.

Highlight future issues and opportunities while ensuring your finance is always enough.

It makes sense that you would base business decisions on historical data, but only using this information may limit your future planning and possible opportunities.

Forecasting can help you shape a proactive strategy that includes budgeting and your financial plan, creating benefits for businesses of every size. Read on to learn more about how these services from the experts at RBK Advisory can help.

Learning from the past and preparing for the future

Historic information informs past decisions, but what if we told you that you could have a guide for future budgeting? With our help, you can, allowing you to allocate funds more sustainably to achieve success for your business.

Historic numbers serve their purpose, but relying solely on outdated data can limit your insights and inhibit how you plan for future successes. Budget planning can be difficult without forecasting, and you’ll lack an understanding of your business trajectory.

Forecasting uses a data analysis approach and specific tools that allow you to project future sales, revenue, and profit so you can better control your budget and business. With forecasting from RBK Advisory, our team can switch the focus of your financial management with a refreshed approach that guides you to identify future opportunities and avoid common problems.

How you can benefit from RBK budgeting and forecasting

From cutting business costs to improved fund allocation, lowering expenses is made easier and safer with the right approach. Forecasting maps potential successes for your business so that you can plan effectively. Some of the primary benefits of this exercise include:
Highlighting data patterns
With RBK forecasting tools, your historical business data is projected forward in time to recognise trends, gaps and opportunities. For example, we can identify a potential slow period due to a slump in sales, allowing you to prepare tactics to minimise the negative impact. Plan for profits and losses as part of your financial trajectory, inclusive of expected changes in the market.
Considering your business's future
Historical data can somewhat predict future profits but will not provide much scope for future planning. Forecasting helps you form your expectations around what can be achieved so you can plan how to get there.
Forecast your cash flows
Determine your monthly cash flows based on a profit and loss budget. Plan and budget for future expenses and what your cash flow will resemble each month.
Making informed decisions
Forecasting offers the full picture’, inclusive of historical numbers and longer-term projections, using solid evidence to base a strategy on, flag possible future threats, and keep your team informed and on track.
Experience a constructive relationship with your accountant
The granular view of your business that forecasting offers helps identify potential areas of performance improvement, providing the best possible strategic advice. When working with accountants, this makes it easier to prepare for required adjustments.

Implement a solid forecasting and budgeting strategy with RBK Advisory today

Take control of your company’s future with forecasting helps identify potential threats and opportunities today. The experts at RBK Advisory will help you create a proactive strategy that improves the performance of your business, management, budget, and finances.

RBK Advisory is one of only two BCorp-certified accounting firms in Australia, and we pride ourselves on taking an ethical approach to your financial plan. The RBK is varied, and made up of:

  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Financial advisers
  • Engineers
  • Consultants
  • Advertising professionals
  • Architects
  • And more

The culmination of these skillsets results in outside-of-the-box thinking and an unrivaled knowledge base. Thea future-proofed lens that forecasting provides ensures an ongoing benefit for your business and plan that works smarter, not harder.

Let the decades of experience at RBK Advisory benefit your company strategy today, and position yourself for true longevity and growth.

“RBK understood what we required and provided solutions. Innovative and on the forefront of technology, they proactively provided solutions rather than waiting for us to ask for them.

The ease and accuracy of information with RBK, allowed us to make better business decisions in real time and do what we do best, run a great local café.”

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