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Look before you leap: Let our small business advisory services analyse problems or potential risks for you.

What do you get with RBK Business Advisory?

With RBK small business advisory services, you have access to a team of Chartered Accountants and Lawyers who will analyse problems and potential risks your business may be facing. As one of only two BCorp certified accounting firms in Australia, our business tax advisory experts provide advice to ensure your company is as cost-effective and efficient as possible.

Utilising the latest technology, we offer real-time data that will help manage your business needs while keeping you in tune with the market. So many business advisory roles are becoming business and technology advisors.

When it comes to quality business advisory services, Melbourne turns to RBK Advisory. Read on to learn more about how your company can benefit today.

The benefits of working with a business advisory firm

Our small business advisory services provide many benefits for your company, the first being an outside perspective. By utilising the insight and expertise of our experts, we can formulate a realistic plan for your business while also sourcing the resources to make it happen.

The following are some more examples of business advisory accounting benefits:

  • ‌Our business consultants will take an overarching view of your business. Be it a new business owner or a seasoned professional, it can be challenging to see the complete picture of your own situation. We offer a fresh mind and viewpoint to identify issues and risks you may have missed.
  • ‌As we have in-depth experience across multiple industries and many clients, our team has invaluable insight to form new ideas and approaches in your sector. Our experts can adapt the expertise we have gained from other industries to suit yours.
  • ‌The time required in creating a new business plan can be significant and challenging. We’ll take care of this for you and ensure the process is efficient, so you see the benefits a lot sooner.
  • ‌By identifying both the strengths and weaknesses in your company and crafting an on-budget plan that takes them into consideration, we better position your company for success. The weak areas in your spending just need some creative solutions to see a total turnaround that helps the bottom line.
  • ‌Increase your sales by identifying and finding your desired client, thanks to our detailed research. From here, a well-planned and targeted marketing strategy will attract them.
  • ‌Our extensive network that has formed over many years and different projects can provide a range of knowledge and resources that you may not be aware of. This kind of out-of-the-box approach is what separates RBK Advisory from the rest.

The services we offer

Our business advisory services cover a range of aspects and can include everything from monthly meetings to three-way forecasting.
he goal is to provide integrated solutions that have been customised to your company's needs. This process allows us to delve deeper into your operations and work closely with you to find the right outcomes. Whether you are a start-up, family-owned business, large private or public organisation, our team can help. We'll plan and implement a growth strategy that ensures you meet all compliance, tax or regulatory requirements. From strategic planning to financial management, structuring and succession planning or a complete end-to-end organisational review, our expertise and experience will be of benefit. So let's build a comprehensive understanding of your operations and pair that information with a tailored strategy today.
Service 1
Business Coaching
We help leaders in our businesses articulate the business goals and set aside tasks for the leadership team to work towards. In a way, we become their boss and hold them accountable for the work we have collectively agreed and set out to do. We often find the business owners are working in the business but not on the business, we move their lens to more important tasks to help grow the business and meet business objectives/goals.
Service 2
Acquisitions and Divestment Advice
We get it, this can be quite complex and at times overwhelming. We have had plenty of experience with mergers, acquisitions, and divestments to help businesses through happy and sometimes, challenging times. We work with both parties to help underpin what is required and advise on an agreeable plan to move forward.
Service 3
Asset Accumulation and Protection
Something we enjoy doing is helping those who are in the position to do so, work on their asset accumulation, to ensure gradual wealth is built up over time, and then most importantly, ensure the assets you are growing are protected.
Service 4
Business Valuations
We have extensive experience in helping businesses understand their value. This might be needed due to either being purchased or wanting to acquire another business, it could also come about due to parties leaving a business. Either way, our team are well prepared to help your business with your valuation needs.
Service 5
Due Diligence
This usually has a time limit and as such we have a professional team that can help conduct due diligence to help assess the value of a business and the potential risk when buying it. Our team is able to quickly read through documents, ask the right questions, to help give a clear as to what's under the hood of the business you're interested in.
Service 6
KPI Analysis and Benchmarking
Our team of finance experts is able to help your business benchmark KPIs based on data and stats, either owned or found. This allows our business advisors to set clear benchmarks for your business to hit and pass to achieve your business goals. This is an important part of our onboarding process as it allows us to put a line in the sand to highlight key business moments, to check how they have positively or negatively impacted your business.
Service 7
ASIC Corporate Governance
We have extensive experience with ASIC Corporate Governance, which we can admit at times be quite heavy to get through, but that's what your hire our team to do. We do all the hard work and give your tasks that suit your skillset.

What makes RBK Advisory different?

Put simply, you should choose the company that travels off the beaten path to avoid the failings within it. RBK Advisory was formed as we identified room in our industry for positive change and found the right people to make it happen. Through the relentless pursuit of innovation, we work to improve businesses and lifestyles by questioning industry norms that have been dormant for years.

As the Australian Xero Partner of The Year for 2018 and one of only two BCorp certified accounting practices in the country, we excel at balancing purpose with profit. Join us to form new roads that take your company to heights you never thought possible today.

“We have been happily working together for 15 years. Jon has helped our business grow and evolve by providing expert advice every step of the way. Our business and personal circumstances are constantly evolving and Jon is always on hand with fast response times to guide us through. His approachable nature and honest feedback make him a pleasure to work with.”

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