Choosing a Tax Professional

February 18th, 2020
Choosing a Tax Professional

Tax advice in Melbourne: who do you turn to?

Finding the right person to give you tax advice in Melbourne can certainly be difficult.

With so many accountants to choose from, and with all of them offering such a wide range of services, how can you know who will fit best with your business?

Here at RBK, we understand that committing to a tax accountant can sometimes feel like an impossible task.

It can be scary and overwhelming, and even after you’ve made your choice, you might still end up with someone who doesn’t align with your business.

The good thing is that with an RBK tax accountant, you can rest assured that we’re here to help you every step of the way. We’re as friendly as we are knowledgeable, and we use our expertise to play an active role in your business growth and overall peace of mind.

Location, location, location

Back in the day, it was all about location. Even now, it sometimes still is.

But the beautiful thing about living in the 21st century is the technology that comes along with it, making small steps each year and giant leaps each decade.

With these technological advancements comes the freedom you have to choose a tax professional based – if you so please – anywhere in the world.

From Skype and Zoom to FaceTime and Facebook Messenger Video Chat, the options for video conferencing are endless. Not to mention, cloud technology.

All you need is a device (e.g. phone, laptop, tablet, desktop) and an internet connection, and you’ve got yourself the ability to connect with an accountant halfway across the city, the country, the continent or the cosmos.

We have RBK locations spread across Australia and our team are self-professed tech whizzes – so whatever your location preference, we can help.

Qualifications count

When it comes to choosing an expert in any industry, you want to make sure that they’ve got the goods to back it up.

As with learning or exploring anything new, research is important. During the initial groundwork phase, be sure to reach out only to highly qualified tax professionals who have both verifiable qualifications and workplace experience.

Background checks are important for anyone you bring into your company and tax professionals are no exception.

Find out everything you can, from their current client list and previous client reviews to what software they use and how their fees compare to others in the industry.

If you want to find an accountant who talks the talk, walks the walk, and genuinely cares about your business, come to RBK. We’re certified, qualified, experienced and professional, and we want to help you grow.

Expertise in your field

Tax accountants can offer a lot of services and work with clients in lots of different industries.

When finding the right accountant for you, it’s important to note who they’ve worked with previously, who they work with now and whether they have experience working with businesses similar to your own.

Be sure to interview several candidates before deciding on a specific tax professional to assist with your finances. Face-to-face conversations are a great way to gauge key factors like personality and professionalism.

With accountants in our RBK team who have worked comprehensively across many industries, we’ve got reliable experience and expertise, and we’re 100% on the money when it comes to advising on tax (pun intended).

Get recommendations

If you don’t know where to start looking for an accountant and are getting precariously close to giving up and burying your head in the sand, it’s time to phone a friend.

The great thing is that there are plenty of resources at your disposal to get the ball rolling and have you on track to landing your dream accountant.

You can visit government portals and business associations or even contact other business owners to get the low down on legitimate tax advisor directories.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your online connections across platforms like social media and LinkedIn. You’ll be surprised by how many people in your network have been asking the same questions – and they may even have the answers you’re looking for.

If all else fails, you can always dive into your social circles for a little inspiration. See if any of your friends or family can point you in the direction of a tax accountant that they trust or know of who is worth adding to your list of potential candidates.

Choose someone with your best interests in mind

The final and most important part of choosing a tax professional is this: do they have you and your business’ best interest in mind?

Will they save you money? Are they willing to negotiate fees? Do they align with your vision, your mission, your short and long term goals?

A good accountant will be flexible, capable of identifying where your precious dollars can be saved, and clear on your business objectives. This is what we do at RBK.

Above all, remember to trust your gut and choose a tax professional who will help your company grow.

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