The Dad Life Balance

November 21st, 2017
The Dad Life Balance


With the blink of an eye everything changed. My life went from having what I thought was endless amount of time to exercise, having spare time to myself, being able stay up late and sleep in and do spur of the moments things (dinner, movies… catching up with mates). Becoming a business owner and a first time Dad at the same time turned all of that on it’s head. Whilst being the most amazing things to happen to my life so far, my priorities changed and I struggled to manage it all at the beginning. A few months in and I’m starting to get the hang of it. Below are some tips that have helped me to become healthier, happier and more energised to do things that mean the most to me. I’m starting to nail the Dad life balance:

Get organised and start scheduling activities

Being a new parent means that both myself and my wife Kate need some space of our own during such a hectic period. Whether it’s going to the shops, having a massage, exercising or catching up with friends, schedule it in and make sure it happens. Encouraging your partner to do activities they enjoy is not only beneficial to them but it will help your family stay sane.

Switch off from technology at home

Technology is everywhere around us and everyone is always busy. Sometimes you neglect and forget about the things that are closest to you. One of the best ways I have found to help switch of from the world and recharge, is to have an hour at home where all technology is off and banned, and have dinner with or spend some quality time with your family. Before you know it, the kids will have grown up and it’s times like this you can’t buy back. Enjoy the ride!

Talk to your partner

I tended to keep things to myself and not talk about work life and the struggle I was feeling to keep a balance.  Trying to be an effective business owner and the best Dad I could was hard. When you have an amazing wife who looks after your first child and so much more, it’s easy to feel guilty for not helping enough… why in the world would you want to burden her with your problems? Change your thinking because when stress builds up it’s not good for you, your partner or your baby. When you can fill each other in on what’s going on in both of your day to day lives, it makes your relationship and family stronger and happier.

Make the most of your home time

Sunday is Funday at the Bramich’s. As I tend to do work on most Saturday’s, Sunday is an exclusive day for family where we try and do different activities together. From breakfast at different cafes, to lunches at different parks and lakes where we can walk around, usually finishing off at our parent’s house. I not only get time to spend time with the family but both myself and Kate leave feeling recharged for a fresh start to Monday.

Dad life balance: achieved!

When you have kids your goals change and providing a great life for them is your priority. Don’t forget about the small things though, and definitely don’t forget to look after yourself. Work will always be there. Nothing is more important than family. It’s all about the Dad life balance.

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