Top 5 Apps To Download Now

June 5th, 2016
Top 5 Apps To Download Now

Top 5 Apps to download – Being accounting nerds who like to do things differently comes hand in hand with being tech nerds too. A good app gets us excited – so we want to share our Top 5 Apps to Download Now. They can be a huge help with day to day organisation, working in teams who share information or keeping track of your expenses and earnings. Here are 5 apps we can’t live without (with some notable mentions down the bottom so we could sneak in a few more):

Trello: who else loves a good list? This app is the task management king. Create lists that can be shared between other users so you can all stay on top of what has been completed and what still needs to be done. It’s flexible and customisable. We even use it at home with our partners for shopping lists, upcoming events or to keep notes on places we want to travel. Never get nagged about forgetting the milk again!

Last pass: do you have the same password for everything? Coming up with lots of combinations can be tricky and easy to forget. This app is an encrypted vault that safely & securely stores your passwords across all devices. It also generates random passwords for ultimate stealth.

Evernote: another app that’s based around making lists that can be shared with anyone across all your devices. We really love lists, can you tell? It has some extra features though, such as taking pictures or saving articles and websites to look at later. It has an easy search option so if you’re a forgetful person, this is the app for you.

Google apps for business: you’ve heard of cloud software right? This is a perfect example of why it works. Save every document, spreadsheet, email… the list goes on, and have them available on any device, anywhere in the world. Great for travelling or working from home and sharing things with colleagues, especially when you aren’t in the office together. A pet hate of ours is when we get a great looking business card with How much better does look? Operate more professionally by utilising Google apps to make everything personalised. This is the tip of the iceberg… well worth reading about Google apps other uses.

Xero: A cheeky accounting plug here… but we really do swear by it. Their mobile & iPad apps are perfect for bookkeeping updates on the run. Take your business to the next level of slickness by producing invoices in front of clients, as you need them for payment and approval.

Finally, some notable mentions that we couldn’t leave out: Audible for listening to books on the run or in the car. Facebook is second to none for engaging with your audience and an excellent advertising tool. Facebook Messenger is great for communicating with clients and customers. Lastly, a coffee-related app has to be included. Skip allows you to order your coffee or food and pay so you can skip the queue and pick it up as soon as you get there. Perfect!

We’d love to hear about the apps you can’t live without. Leave us a comment!