Get To Know Liam Turner

July 1st, 2019
Get To Know Liam Turner

Liam is new to the RBK Tribe, working as a Cloud Accountant and learning the business ropes, whilst focussing on his true passion of music at home. Get to know him below.

Tell us about your music, when did you start getting involved with it and why?

I am an electronic music producer/songwriter. I write and record all my songs in my home studio. I was first introduced to the world of electronic music when I was about 11, when I purchased my first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software. I was fascinated that music could be created entirely from scratch on a computer and I was super excited and eager to learn how to do it myself. Fast forward to now – I would describe my music as a hybrid between the indie and electronic genres, as I use a combination of organic and electronic elements to convey the song. I listen to so many different styles of music and you can hear those influences in my own production.

What’s been the highlight of your music career so far? 

Probably the (minor) success of my song ‘Sweet (feat. Lia)’ , getting played on Triple J multiple times and surpassing 300,000 streams on Spotify. 

Also being able to work with so many talented artists.

For those of us who don’t have a musical bone in their bodies… can you explain the creative process that goes into a track? 

The creative process varies from song to song. If I am by myself in the studio, I will usually start by creating some sort of beat first which tends to involve creating a drum loop as a base, and then writing a chord progression over the top. Once I have a cool idea that I am happy with, and a vision for where I want the song to go, I will then spend time structuring it out and adding elements in order to create a full-length instrumental. Then I will send the beat around to singers and song writers to write a top line vocal. 

However, if I am in the studio with a singer/writer from the very beginning, this process is a little different as we usually write the song first completely raw (just vocals and guitar), and then I produce the track around that (rather than the other way around). 

I think the fact that the production process varies so much from track to track is exciting – I never know what I’m going to create when going into the studio and more often than not the best ideas are formed from just mucking around and trying things. 

On a completely different note… do you enjoy working with RBK because it’s so different to your music?

Definitely, being at RBK is super enjoyable as it’s a nice break from music and the right side of my brain can get a workout. For me, it’s really important to do something different to music on a regular basis. If I didn’t go into the office once a week, my brain would get boggled up and I would struggle to be creative in the studio. I am also learning a lot from my role at RBK that I can take into my music. Accounting is the language of business and I am learning so much about how businesses operate. Overall, they both go hand in hand and create a nice balance in my life.