RBK LEGAL: Meet Matt Campbell

September 12th, 2019
RBK LEGAL: Meet Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell is the face behind RBK’s new legal services. We sat down with Matt to get to know him and how the RBK partnership came to fruition. 


So Matt, let’s take it back a notch and talk about how you got into law…

I spent my whole schooling life at Mentone Grammar which really entrenched me in the Bayside bubble.  Law was not something that stood out to me at school, I didn’t even do Legal Studies.  

I was working in my Dad’s marketing business towards the end of school and thought that a Bachelor of Business would be complementary to that. Taking on a basic law subject in my Business degree was my lightbulb moment and I ended up tailoring my units so that I finished my Business degree with a Commercial Law minor.  

Once I began my Law degree I  knew I had found the right career path for me.  

What happened next?

I came out of law school and began working for a boutique firm and was instantly thrown into the deep end handling a range of different commercial and estate planning matters. It was a steep learning curve, but one that was so valuable. 

I then began a job at a prestigious Building, Constructions and Planning law firm.  I loved the work there and learnt a lot but it was an unhealthy environment.  

Every other lawyer I worked with had depression.I saw the writing on the wall for my own mental health and chose to take up a new opportunity with the first firm I worked at. Three years later here I am. 

So why RBK? What about this partnership made it the perfect match?

I have known JK and his family for about 20 odd years.  Living just down the road and playing football with Jon’s younger brother means I spent plenty of time at the Kane household. 

When RBK started, we cross referred clients to each other and were both happily satisfied at the service that our respective clients were receiving.  After learning more about RBK and their underlying business philosophies, its B Corp aspirations, its burgeoning success and meeting the rest of the team, it just felt like a perfect fit.

What excites you most about joining RBK?

From my own external observations, RBK’s culture is one that I’d love to work within and embrace.  Everyone has a voice and is appreciated for who they are and what their unique personality can add to the team.  

I hold the philosophy that to get the most out of your number one asset, your staff, you must take care of them and make them valued.  RBK have put this into practice and it is reaping the rewards from a culture perspective, from their staff performance takes care of itself.

What’s the most rewarding part of what you do? 

Often clients will come to a lawyer because they have an issue that they cannot resolve themselves or simply do not know what to do or what options are available to them. It’s also often one of the most stressful situations that a client will endure.  To provide clarity about an issue to a client, what choices they have, and assist them achieve a solution is extremely satisfying.

What’s your specialty area of law and what makes you different to other lawyers? 

A key focus of my practice is commercial advice and dispute resolution. 

I like to think that I differentiate from other lawyers by my approachability and relatable way I implement the service.   The legal industry is old-fashioned, often elitist, and lawyers (rightfully!) have a reputation of being pompous. I’m certainly not of that   I am able to provide a great legal service whilst being a ‘normal person’.

What does life look like for you outside of work?


I’m a typical Melbournian, mad into footy.  Sad Saints supporter.  

I’ve been the Assistant Coach at East Malvern Football Club for the last 3 years which is a good outlet from work.  I had to hang up the boots when I was 19 years old due to an on-going hip and groin injury so being around the club environment again has been great.

Through my injury I found cycling to keep fit and get outside and I love it. I’m also really into music. I grew up playing guitar, drums and piano for as long as I can remember and try and get to a gig every fortnight or so.

Then there’s my dogs, Jerry the six year old Labradoodle and Ned, the two year old poodle. We enjoy long walks on the beach together. 

If you’d like to know more about RBK’s legal services, please get in touch here.