Does your business have reliable terms and conditions?

September 23rd, 2019
Does your business have reliable terms and conditions?

Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) are the rules that you (and your clients) have to play by when providing the goods and services to your clients. Good T&C’s protect your rights, outline the obligations of both parties during a transaction and ensure that the relationship between you and your client is binding…So yes, they’re kind of a big deal.

If your business T&C’s aren’t water tight, you risk running into issues like loss or damage to your business’ intellectual property, messy transactions and most importantly, not getting your invoices paid. Nobody wants this! But how exactly do you make sure your T&C’s are in tip top shape? Good question.

Unfortunately the true test of knowing whether your T&C’s are good enough is by having them tested in Court, but we’re all trying to avoid that so don’t go getting sued just to find out! The next best thing is having a lawyer either draft or review your T&C’s.  A lawyer will use their knowledge, skill and experience to ensure that the T&C’s are relevant to your business and up to date. (And yes, we can certainly help out with that, just give us a call!)

So once you have your T&C’s where should they go? As a general rule of thumb, every time you engage a new client, or engage a new job for an old client you should have your T&C’s present. 

Website T&C’s are different to your trading T&C’s, but is something that every business website should include.  Website T&C’s should include important copyright clauses to protect and dissuade other businesses from repurposing your website content.  They should also include a privacy policy, a limitation of liability clause and a clause to set the governing law to your preferred geographical area. 

A common mistake we see business owners get themselves into hot water over is ripping off the T&C’s of another website, and while this happens all the time (and in some occasions it might suffice), avoid going down that path.  Engaging a good lawyer will ensure that your T&C’s are up to date, legally binding and relevant to your businesses and your clients. 

Need help getting your T&C’s up to scratch? Look no further! Our legal team are ready to give them an overhaul! Get in touch.