Interview: Will Kersey

May 2nd, 2017
Interview: Will Kersey


We’re not even half way through 2017 and our growth has been going through the roof. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our first Senior Accountant! Meet Will. We had a chat with the numbers gun so you can get to know him too.


Tell us how you got into accounting?

I was always into numbers and went into economics at uni because it seemed to make sense. I quickly realised it wasn’t for me and changed to accounting which I clearly enjoyed much more!

What else did you get up to at uni?

I love travelling so got as much of that done as possible while I could. I finished my degree with a six-month exchange in Denmark, which I chose because it’s the least corrupt country in the world. I’m fascinated by politics and social issues.

Other than travel do you have anything you love to do outside of work?

I’ve been into martial arts, specifically Jiu-Jitsu for years now and have actually made some trips to LA to train with masters of the sport a few times. I’m interested by the whole movie industry and am a big reader. Continual learning is really important to me.

Give us a bit of a career path up til this point?

I came back from Denmark and joined a small firm in Hawthorn for a year, which then relocated into the city for another four. This is where I really learnt my trade. I got to know one of the clients there who was an ex Naval Officer. He sparked my interest in it and I actually then joined The Navy for a year. I got a lot out of it but knew it wasn’t for me in the long term. After leaving I took a couple of months off and then got back into accounting in a client-facing role. It was at this firm I met Jono. I then moved into a management accounting role at another firm but the culture didn’t suit me and I wasn’t enjoying myself. I decided to take a few months off to travel some more. Now I’m at RBK!

What attracted you to the RBK team?

From my previous roles I learnt what I didn’t want in an employer in terms of cultural values. RBK seemed to line up with mine really well. It’s also tech driven, friendly and open which are really important to me in a workplace. Working with people like Jono, Jason and Greg is what gets me excited about my job.