Silly Season Savers

October 13th, 2016
Silly Season Savers

Silly Season Savers…

It’s less than 10 weeks til Christmas… what!?




What’s happening?

…now that you’ve recovered from that conniption, let’s talk about how you can save some dollars over the Christmas period. Whether you’re a single person or a big family, this time of year seems to cost a fortune. Pick a few of these easy to follow tips, and you might save yourself and your bank account a bit of stress over the silly season this year.

  1. Treat yourself… but take it down a notch. How often are you eating out? Are new clothes a once in a while or every week luxury? Going out for a burger, beers and dessert for two can mean 80 bucks gone just like that.
  1. Think of your house like the newest bar in Melbourne 😉 If the team is going out this week, why spend the money on overpriced drinks and Uber’s when you could invite them around to yours? Yes slightly more hassle, but a big money saver and you’ll still have a great night.
  1. Pack your lunch. Buying meals at work can total to thousands of unnecessary dollars spent. Plan your weekly shop better and do a bit of food prep. Suddenly you’ve got an extra fiddy in your pocket every week which will be very handy come present buying time.
  1. Check your bills. Could you be getting a better deal elsewhere? We’re talking everything from mobile plans to electricity companies. No one has patience for telemarketers but occasionally you’ll actually come across a really good deal. Next time give them 5 minutes, or start researching yourself.
  1. Set a goal. Remember the reason you’re saving. Is it to buy your parents something special this year, or spend a week on the beach with your partner? Putting things into perspective can be a handy way to do it. For instance, I could go out with the boys and spend an easy $200 on one night, or I could cover a chunk of those Port Douglas flights.
  1. Here’s a sneaky tax related tip for you: pay as many tax deductible expenses in the name of the higher earner as possible. A $1000 expense for someone on a 19% tax rate means a $190 refund. Someone on a 37% tax rate would get $370. It’s a no brainer.
  1. DIY! Get around Bunnings with your Dad on the weekend or hit up YouTube for decorating tips. If you’re hosting the family lunch this year, there’s no need to go all out. Knocking together some simple stools or making your own table arrangements will save you an expense that’s really only for one day.
  1. The dishwasher has carked it and your car has had one too many issues. Total nightmare when the kids are on holidays and you’re having people over. Consider buying second hand for big purchases. Gumtree and eBay can have some amazing deals.


It’s one thing to read a list like this (Silly Season Savers) and it’s another to implement it. At the end of the day if you really want to save money, you need to follow the advice.

Have you got any tips you like to follow for us to add? Let us know!