Xero: Powering Small Business

February 26th, 2020
Xero: Powering Small Business

Accounting software that works

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software built to help small businesses grow. With a range of time-saving, efficient features, the online platform offers all of the accounting essentials and more – in the one place.

By providing you with the tools you need to track, record and consolidate your expenses, Xero takes the hassle out of finance.

RBK in partnership with Xero

Because Xero has all the tools we need to work our accounting magic, we joined forces with their team to tackle finance together.

A modern-day bookkeeping system, Xero helps our client’s exponentially in managing their expenses, keeping an eye on cash flow and automating the entire financial process.

5 reasons why we love (and why you will, too!) working with Xero

1. Better client support

The monotony of data entry is where taking control of your small business’ finances can fall flat. With Xero on our side (and yours!), we get to leave the boring stuff to the software – and better focus on you.

And with more of our time dedicated to advising and assisting you, you’ll find handling your business expenses a breeze.

2. Real-time reporting

Xero keeps a closer eye on your finances than you do, and we love the platform for it. An easy cloud software to use, Xero offers real-time reporting of your incomings and outgoings, 24 hours a day.

With a real-time view of your cash flow, you can see everything down to the penny, including expenditure, payments received, bank and Xero balances, and all outstanding bills and invoices.

3. Collaboration made easy

With cloud-based software, your financial information is secure and readily accessible to you, no matter where you are in the world.

As your Xero accountant, we can access the software and assist with your finances whenever you need us – with the added bonus of seeing the same data at the same time on different screens.

4. Always improving

Just like small business owners, the team at Xero understands the importance of ongoing growth and development.

They are constantly improving and updating their cloud-based software to ensure the best possible user experience. As your business grows, so does Xero.

5. Automatic backup

It’s all online and it’s all automated. With Xero’s accounting software, you no longer have to worry about manual backups.

The cloud-based tool will automatically save, update and backup your data without you even having to ask.

Working with us means working with Xero

Using Xero’s cloud technology, we are better able to help our clients face and figure out their finances.

With you and your Xero accountant (us!) at the helm, you’ll have joint access to your financial information and the support of not one, but two expert accounting teams.

RBK & Xero: a match made in accounting cloud-based heaven.

With RBK and Xero, you can take control of your finances. Get in touch with our team today.