Start 2017 With A Bang

January 13th, 2017
Start 2017 With A Bang

Christmas is done, New Years is over and we’re back to reality. The first week back in the office can be a bit rough and a perfect time for some business reflection. You probably spent some of your break thinking about 2017 and the changes you’d like to make, new ideas you’d like to implement and a loose strategy for the year. We’ve made a list of business tips you can use to help focus your brainstorming, and stick to your business resolutions.


  1. Start reading. Get inspiration from fellow business owners, publications, blogs, pinterest… the list is endless. Your own imagination is the foundation of new business ideas however finding people that make you think “wow, that’s incredible” can help you move outside the box, take your ideas and make them even better. One of Jason’s favourite books is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill which you can find here.


  1. Involve your team. Get everyone into it! It can be really hard to step back and think of your business objectively. Your team could help narrow down potential plans for the year by culling ones they aren’t behind, or adding new things to the list. It’ll also make them feel more accountable, motivated and engaged which is a key step towards retaining great staff.


  1. Join a new networking group. There are so many great organisations out there now for business owners to connect and learn from each other. Business Chicks and League of Extraordinary Women are amazing platforms for female entrepreneurs. There’s Melbourne Business Network, area specific ones like Bayside Business… the list goes on. Not only will you expand your own knowledge base, but you could meet new clients through it too.


  1. Where’s your marketing at? A lot of small businesses either do a half-baked job of this, or just skip the cost all together. The saying you have to spend money to make money really does apply here. We’ve recently relaunched our website with amazing design and copywriting and it’s already landed us new clients. If it’s not your forte or you don’t have the time, start thinking about outsourcing. Our incredible web designer is Jess who you can find here. Our copywriter and social media manager is Victoria, and you can find her here. These ladies are well worth your coin.


  1. Plan. The reason you get told this so often (and we harp on it in numerous blog posts) is because it works. You need to keep track of progress, monitor goals and give yourself a timeline. Write yourself a mini business plan for this year or revisit your existing one and make adjustments. You can read more about how to create a top-notch business plan here.


  1. Be realistic and keep revisiting. This one speaks for itself. You might want to implement an amazing content plan for Facebook, but finding the right blog topics and ensuring they’re written in the style you’d love can take time. It might take three months rather than three weeks. If one of your ideas isn’t working for you, take another look and reconsider how you want to play it. If you need a hand with writing great business goals, have a read here.


  1. Listen to change. The fact that it’s 2017 means something. There is a plethora of technology at our fingertips, newer and better ways of doing nearly everything in business. Have a good think about whether you’re keeping up with it, or falling behind. Make sure you’re evolving with your industry and setting yourself up for elongated success.


What are your business goals for 2017? What will you be doing differently this year? We have a whole bunch of things up our sleeve, but we’d love to hear your plans too! Get in touch or comment below.