The End of Financial Year Event Wrap Up

June 21st, 2019
The End of Financial Year Event Wrap Up

If there’s one thing the RBK team can do (besides provide excellent financial service and advice of course!) it’s throw a party and for accountants there’s no better time to do it than the end of financial year. The fact that we have recently become BCorp certified proved even more reason to get together and celebrate! 

On the 20th June 2019 the stage was set with a stellar lineup of speakers along with an incredible spread of food and drinks put together by Steeple Coffee, Creme De La Cakes, Calm & Stormy and the RBK tribe. 

If you didn’t get a chance to make it, here’s what you missed…

Martin Lakos – Division Director at Macquarie Bank

Martin Lakos is a regular economic and market commentator on the ABC, Channel 7, Sky Business, CNBC and Bloomberg. He kicked off the night with an incredibly comprehensive and insightful global view of the current state of the world’s economies. As one of Macquarie’s leading media spokespeople for over 14 years Martin’s ability to clearly explain complex economic issues and market trends was on full display. 

Key takeaways:

  • Australian interest rates could be cut further (to 1%) later this year
  • Global growth is slowing, but steady, so it’s important to consider how to operate your business in a low growth environment. 
  • Recession is not around the corner just yet! 

Rebecca Pritchard – Financial Coach at Wealth Enhancers (BCorp Certified)

Rebecca Pritchard is a financial coach, working with the phenomenal team at Wealth Enhancers (WE) who are a fellow BCorp Certified business. Passionate about building wealth that is connected to goals, Rebecca spoke about how she and her team are on a mission to open up the conversation about money with millennials and educate them about how they can spend money in line with their values. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Now more than ever it’s accessible to be ethical. It’s time to throw away the out dated idea that it’s impossible to be wealthy and ethical simultaneously.
  • Consider where your big expenses are going – what are your super funds and banks investing in? Are you contributing to positive forces in the world.
  • “The world doesn’t need one person to be 10 out of 10 ethical…it needs lots of 8’s and 9’s out of 10 for change to happen” 

 Trent Innes – Managing Director of Xero Australia 

Trent Innes leads the team at Xero Australia, our favourite cloud-based accounting platform for small business. Passionate about tech, innovation, people and collaboration, Trent’s presentation was all about scaling up, and the tips he learned to take his team at Xero from 30 to 600 in just six years.

Trent’s tips:

  • Know your purpose – why do you exist as a business?
  • Hire for attitude – skills and experience are great, but the thing that scales is growth and mindset
  • Leverage the network effect – get the help you need when you need it
  • The 1% is everything – exceed expectations, never loose sight of those first customers/clients and don’t take things for granted
  • Innovate or be disrupted – if you don’t continue to innovate you will be left behind
  • Fast growth covers many cracks in a business. 

On behalf of the RBK team we would like to say a special thank you to our fantastic speakers and to everyone who made it out to Waterman Business Centre Chadstone last night.

If you’d like to review your 2019/2020 financial goals, get in touch and book in with a member of our team here.