6 Website Whys…

September 29th, 2016
6 Website Whys…


Our new website has just launched and in case you aren’t avid followers of our Facebook page (explain yourself, please), we’re pretty excited about it! A great website is so important for businesses in 2016. Why? We’ve made a list for you:

  1. Your website tells people who you are

It is a direct reflection of your business, and you as a professional. Think about Sunday, when you’re considering where to go for brunch. Do you choose the place with the fresh website, who has their full menu and contact details easily available, or the place that’s got a crappy landing page with next to no information? If your website look slick, so do you. By the same token if it’s less than impressive, it tells your viewer (and potential new client) that you haven’t had the time or inclination to sort yourself out and provide people with a solid digital platform where they can easily read about what you do and why you do it. You will lose business to the guy who does have a great website, it’s as simple as that.

  1. Your website can help your business grow

There are so many design and copywriting aspects that go into a good website, all of which you don’t need to know about. Leave that to the experts. What you do need to know though, is that great website equals more clients. For instance, a really catchy call to action can lead to an exponential increase in the amount of new people that sign up to your email list. You’ve then got the opportunity to contact them, or remarket to them, and turn that lead into a client. A website with no call to action means that any new visitors slip through your hands and that potential client has just been lost.

  1. Your website needs to stand out

You’ve got about 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention. After that, they’re gone. Think about the website you have now. Look at it objectively, would it capture your attention in that short amount of time? Would it leave you wanting more?

  1. Your website will make you money

If you’re a retailer, a website can give you the capability of expanding nationally and even globally with more ease than any other platform will give you. There’s really no more explanation needed for this one- it’s a no brainer.

  1. Your website adds value to your business

Website’s give your clients access to your information around the clock. They might need to make an appointment and remember to do so at 10pm. No problem, book through our online system. Can’t remember the email address of your new account manager? Have it within minutes. In today’s saturated, highly competitive market, client experience is absolutely essential to success. A great website adds to it tenfold.

  1. Your website speaks to Google

The most important one for us, is the difference a good website has made in Google rankings. For example, we get new clients almost every day from the search terms “Accountant Narre Warren” and “Accountant Richmond”. We appear on the first page of Google (a position that people will often spend a truckload of money to gain), and once people click through, they read about how we can solve their accounting or business problem quickly and easily. How many times have you looked to Google to solve a problem? And on how many of those occasions do you find the solution on the first page? For RBK Advisory, it’s an incredibly powerful tool.


These are only a handful of the plethora of reasons your business needs a great website. Have a good think about what you want your website to say to your clients. What’s your personality? What do you value? Then, find a copywriter, web designer and coder that absolutely nail it. This can be one of the hardest parts, we’d recommend going for referrals and doing your research.