13.07.2017 Accounting | Cloud Accounting | Xero Accounting

Xero: Our Favourite Plug-ins

If you’ve been reading our blogs or following our social media, you’ll know we are...
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07.07.2017 Accounting | Business Advice | Tax Accounting

Tax deductible? Nice try, mate.

People like to get creative with their individual tax returns and the ATO aren’t copping...
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21.06.2017 Accounting

EOFY Wrap Up: How to do it properly

With another financial year about to come to a close, it’s the perfect time to...
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26.05.2017 Accounting | Cloud Accounting | Financial Planning | Tax Accounting | Xero Accounting

Tax Planning… eugh

Tax planning are two words that get no one excited. But do you know what’s...
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02.05.2017 Accounting | Interview

Interview: Will Kersey

  We’re not even half way through 2017 and our growth has been going through...
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02.09.2016 Accounting

Changing Accountants: How and Why?

When it comes to changing accountants, the thought that will pop into most of your...
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26.07.2016 Accounting | Business Advice | Cloud Accounting | Xero Accounting

Xero Accounting: Why we love it & why you need it.

As a Melbourne Xero Accountant, we wanted to put together a quick list explaining why...
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02.07.2016 Accounting | Tax Accounting

2016 Individual Tax Return Checklist

Here’s what you need to know If you have read any of our blog posts,...
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20.06.2016 Accounting | Tax Accounting

RB TAX VS ETAX (now myTax)

RB Tax vs ETAX – The end of the financial year is only a matter...
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28.04.2016 Accounting | Business Advice | Tax Accounting

Negative what?

Have you been hearing the term negative gearing a lot lately? Maybe thinking “mmm I’ll...
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10.04.2016 Accounting | Tax Accounting

Top 10 Tax Tips

Tax time is coming… dun duN DUNNN! Do those words send a shiver down your...
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